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Talking with #Oscar nominated ‘The Hunt’ director and founder of Dogme 95 Thomas Vinterberg. 

Hey everyone, 

This is the teaser trailer for my upcoming short film, ‘Deadbeat Dads’. I’m going to kill myself getting a rough cut done of it for Wednesday but take a look at this and let me know what you think or pass it around. The film stars Linas Phillips, Evan Louison and Raimundo Rubio. 



flo-robot asked: Hey. I was the one who made the gif set. It must be weird to see yourself in a gif set, I'm sorry. Except not really, because that was the best interview I've seen till date with Taylor, so thank you! And Sammy_Samantha was right, the dress is coral.

Don’t be sorry! I was more than flattered. Thank you and I’m glad you liked the interview. I was really excited to chat with her. Feel free to make more. We’ve had almost every cast member on at this point except Natasha and a couple others. I’m still working on Natasha, though. 




Now all I can hear is The Count singing

All I can hear is Alex Vause singing.

Just organically came across a gifset of Ricky interviewing someone on my dash and had to do a double take.

I was gif’d! That feels special. 

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Gif Art by Milos Rajkovic SHOLIM ll Artist On Tumblr

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First Look: David O Russel’s ‘American Hustle’ | USA Today

I just want a reason to say “David O Russel’s American Hustle” over and over again.

GIRLS ARE PRETTY: Breakup Sex Day!


“Want to have some breakup sex?” ask him.

He’ll protest that you aren’t broken up yet.

“I know,” say. “I want to break up while having sex.”

In between kisses, tell him it’s just not working out. As he fondles your breasts, explain that you’re really busy right now and you need to focus on…

The “Deadbeat” button from our Kickstarter for “Deadbeat Dads.” 


In which the cast of SNL breaks character, and we all giggle along with them.

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This is the kickstarter for my short film I’m shooting with Linas Phillps in August. Looking to get some funds to pay actors and crew for the short shoot. If you can donate that’s great! Please pass along.